Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CABS video shows Maltese shooting rare birds in Egypt

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) has called for an end to   uncontrolled hunting tourism.
It  uploaded video footage taken a few years ago showing a group of Maltese hunters shooting protected birds on Lake Nasser, Egypt and said it was backing Egyptian conservationists who wanted to put an end to this 'crazy' practice.
The film shows birds, including numerous Pelicans, Spoonbills, Glossy Ibis, Egyptian Vultures as well as an Osprey, a Lanner Falcon and a Bonelli’s Eagle being shot - accompanied by cheering and laughter as the birds are hauled into the hunters’ boat.
The footage was taken by the hunters themselves and handed anonymously to CABS and its Maltese partner organisation International Animal Rescue Malta.  
CABS said it will send a team to Egypt during the next hunting season to monitor important rest areas around Lake Nasser for migrant birds on passage. “As on Malta we will work closely with local ornithologists and law enforcement agencies” states CABS spokesperson Axel Hirschfeld.

 In order to protect the identity of the hunters and their local guides the faces of the hunters have been blurred and their voices edited.

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