Thursday, February 16, 2012

CAT NEWS (including big cat news) FROM AROUND THE WORLD

Big Cat Quiz: Lions, Tigers & More!
This time I challenge you to test your BIG cat knowledge! How well do you know lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, and more? Answers are at the the end of the quiz. (How many did you guess correctly? Were any of the answers a big surprise?)

Indian village of Umri moved to protect local tiger population
Herald Sun

AN entire village inside a north Indian nature reserve has been relocated to make more room for local tigers in a bid to preserve the country's dwindling big cat population, an official says. The village of Umri was relocated from Rajasthan state's ...

One car, 11 big tigers
New Scientist (blog)

ELEVEN tigers in one place is a lot of cat. Tigers are the biggest of the big cats, and these Siberian tigers are the biggest of the six tiger subspecies. But tigers don't hang out in groups like this - lions are the only social cat - and we all know ...
New Scientist (blog)

Feral cats 'worse than possums'
Taranaki Daily News

Sam Turner traps possums and feral cats in Taranaki, helping the survival rate of the native bird population. Kittens dumped in remote Taranaki bush are growing into big feral cats with an appetite for native birds. Taranaki builder and landscaper Sam ...
Taranaki Daily News

When mountain lions and humans mix, attacks are going to happen
Austin American-Statesman

Luckily for us, mountain lions are generally shy, nocturnal critters that prefer to stay away from humans, cars, trucks and big dogs. When big cats do attack, it's usually because they are hurt or sick or too young to know how to select and hunt ...
Austin American-Statesman

Vet gets to root of lion's tooth trouble
This Is Wiltshire

By Katie Bond
But a recent operation proved a slightly bigger task than usual as the cat in question had 13cm long teeth, a mane and a roar that matched the sound of an underground train. Peter was called in to operate on Kamal, one of Bristol Zoo's ...

Nature photographer launches global quest
Local 10

A photograph shows an African lion strutting his stuff, doing what big cats do when confronted by a stranger. The resident of the Omaha Zoo charges and growls. The man behind the picture is Joel Sartore, an experienced Nebraska-based freelance ...

Volunteer cries "We're overwhelmed!" as police raid SPCA animal shelter
News 10NBC

It's just, we need a bigger shelter and we're in the country and there's cats everywhere," Gebel said. Another man, who didn't give his name, lives nearby and says he's heard rumors of what it's like inside but was never allowed in to see for himself.
News 10NBC

Two cougars killed in Sea to Sky corridor, one spotted in WhistlerPique Newsmagazineby John French Conservation officers tracked and destroyed this cougar Feb.15 after aggressive behaviour including the big cat dragging a dog away from its home. The cougar population in the region dropped by two in two days this week.

Pique Newsmagazine

Tickler the Tabby Cat Craves a Loving Home
She is a domestic short-haired brown tabby with beautiful big eyes. Tickler came to the shelter when she developed a love for carpet. She is now looking for a forever home with lots of fun scratching posts and other toys to keep her occupied

Let's Talk: Why Are Scientists Blaming Insanity on Cats?
Catster (blog)

Big-name researchers are even giving Flegr's research more credibility. Stanford University neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky says Flegr's studies are well-conducted and he has no reason to doubt them. Schizophrenia expert E. Fuller Torrey says, ... Catster (blog)

The 'lion man' of Amboseli
The Star

They locked their eyes with the hungry lions for close to ten seconds and when they walked towards them; the big cats took off in different directions. The morans took the meat and walked away as if nothing happened. The lions appeared terribly scared ...

Pet Foods Go Gourmet
New York Times

The new generation of chef-inspired pet foods accounts for no more than 5 percent of the pet-food market, but the market is big. Retail sales of dog and cat food exceeded $19 billion in 2011, according to the market research company Euromonitor ...
New York Times

Author shares knowledge with Marburn students

He then proceeded to recount a personal experience narrative that explains his deep and abiding affection for cheetahs, and his desire to help the endangered big cats. During his time with the Columbus Zoo, Becker said he mostly worked in an office.

Crime chiefs agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade - Go Green ...
By SustainLane
Crime chiefs from countries with populations of wild tigers have agreed to work together in order to combat the illegal trade in the big cats.Editor's Picks: Environmental...

By Michelle SibinovicFrom Big Cat Rescue:
The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is proposing a 5-year plan that would greatly EXPAND the hunting and trapping of bobcats within the state. The new plan would DOUBLE the annual ...Care2 News Network

Costs of Owning a Pet Tiger

Of course there are the obvious concerns regarding safety, big cats have big risks. They can turn mean without warning. If they hurt you that is bad enough, but if they hurt somebody else you may have a potential lawsuit on your hands in ...Latest articles on Factoidz - RSS feed

Inspired by California's Big Cat controversy Flickr - Photo Sharing!
California's Big Cats are becoming more familiar with and less fearful of the humans in their environment. They attack joggers, hikers, bikers and others and are ...

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