Saturday, February 11, 2012


Ranthambore gets a big cat surprise
MSN India
While the park officials appeared perplexed over the identity of the big cat, MAIL TODAY has come to know that this male tiger was seen in the park in April 2009. Jaipur: A sambar's alarm call is taken to be the surest sign of a predator's presence in ...

A Cat's Amazing Tale
Is this a joke? Someone really found my cat all the way in Ohio? Quite a surprise! I do give all thanks to number one God and number two the microchip." The Allens wanted us to pass along a big "thank you" to Everit Terhune who found Madison.

Greenwich Township couple holding out hope that cat escaped January house fire
The Express Times -
28, the couple's first thought was of Sweetpea, their 6-year-old calico cat. “I kept thinking we shouldn't have left her alone. I should have brought her to my sisters' house,” Neil Greco said Friday, describing the torrent of if-only thoughts that ...

Possible mountain lion in Westchester New York
Doubtful Newsblog
By idoubtit
MOUNT PLEASANT, N.Y.— Another big predator cat is apparently roaming the northern suburbs. The calls started coming in ... Young saw the spot in Mount Pleasant where the big cat crossed paths with a number of startled suburbanites.

Prowling big cat remains elusive even after a month
The Times of India
A month has finished since the forest officials began efforts to trap the prowling tiger in Kakori.However, no success has come their way yet. The forest
officials ...

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