Friday, February 17, 2012

'Killer whale' sighted off Norfolk coast at Sheringham

Reports that a killer whale has been sighted off the Norfolk coast have been described as "highly reliable" by an expert on mammals.
County mammal recorder Dr David Leech said claims of a whale sighting by birdwatchers at Sheringham could be the first ever recorded in Norfolk.
The experience of one observer meant there was good cause to believe the sighting was reliable.
Possible reasons for the whale's presence are food or it was off course.
Birdwatcher Giles Dunmore, who has experience spotting several killer whales around the world, recorded the sighting last Thursday morning while scanning for sea birds with friend Phil Vines.
He said the pair's field notes and sketches were currently being collated to pass on to the Norfolk Biological Information Service (NBIS), at County Hall, to confirm the identity of the wandering whale.

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