Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blind Creatures Found in Deepest Cave

Species of arthropods (animals with jointed legs) are found in cave-Voronja Krubera, the deepest cave on Earth. Depth of the cave is located near the Black Sea that reaches 2191 meters from the mouth of his cave.

One of the new species is Plutomorus ortobalaganensis found at a depth of 1980 meters. Meanwhile, three other species is Anurida stereoodorata, Deuteraphorura kruberaensis, and Schaefferia profundissima.

All species are categorized as springtails, primitive insects without wings. Living in a completely dark environment, all beings are blind. Blindness in the species A. stereoodorata compensated by chemical receptors sensitive.

Creatures eating the mushrooms and biodegradable material that was discovered by Ana Sofia Reboilera from the University of Aveiro in Portugal, and Alberto Sendra of the Valencia Museum of Natural History in Spain. They explore the cave in 2010.

Prior to this discovery, the deepest land creatures ever discovered is Ongulonychiurus colpus (depth of 550 meters in the cave area of ​​Spain) and Tritomurus Veles (430 km depth in the cave area of ​​Croatia)

The discovery of this species suggests that creature life can exist in extreme environments, with no light and little oxygen. The findings were published in the journal Terrestrial Arthropod Reviews recently.

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