Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mars Shines Bright

Tonight is the best night to see Mars. The red planet will appear bright and can be seen without a telescope. Apparent brightness of Mars this evening related to the process of revolution around the Sun, Mars is sometimes brought to the closest point to another planet.

On Saturday (3/3/3012) ago, Mars reaches opposition with the Earth. Mars opposition means the condition in which Mars is between the Sun and the Earth, much like the condition of the eclipse of the Moon.

Logically, if the opposition occurred on Saturday, then Mars will also be at the point nearest the Earth on the same day. But because of differences in the new orbit is the closest point reached on Monday (03/05/2012) or tonight.

Tonight, Mars will be at a distance of 100.7 million kilometers from Earth. Mars never reach the closest distance to Earth for 60,000 years in opposition events in 2003.

At this time the opposition, Mars will be visible in the constellation Leo. Planets are thought to store water under the surface will still appear bright in the sky of the city. So, certainly can be seen from Jakarta.

Because it is still close to the opposition, then Mars can be seen from almost the same time as the sun sank. As the sun sets in the west, Mars will rise at the eastern horizon.

Based on Stellarium, Mars will appear with the magnitude -1.23. It states magnitude brightness of celestial bodies. Increasingly negative, then the celestial eye more easily seen.

To view it, easiest is to direct the view to the east if observed before midnight. Mars had a distinctive red color of pale so it should not miss from view.

Mars will be seen throughout the night until about sunrise. If you see it in the morning, then the observer should direct his views to the west.

Together with the emergence of Mars, the four other planets, namely Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will also be seen. That said, the four planets plus Mars was having a parade this evening.

Mercury is visible on the western horizon just after the sun sank. So did Venus and Jupiter can be seen until around 21:00 pm. When Venus and Jupiter sinking, Saturn rises.

Mars will appear brighter until the month of April 2012. Afterward, still can be seen in February 2013 but with the fading light.

The next Mars opposition will terjadio on 8 April 2014 with the best observations on 14 April 2014. If the observer to miss the opportunity this evening, the observers had to wait about 26 months from now.

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